With the most wonderful time of the year on the horizon, you probably have 99 things to worry about, but we don’t think worrying about engaging social media posts should be one of them… 

If you don’t have time to sit down and come up with ideas on how to inject a bit of Christmas cheer into your social platforms, don’t worry!

Sit back and let Truly Content do the hard work for you.

Here are our favourite ways to spruce up your socials in the run-up to Christmas… see what we did there?


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Dec…orate Your Social Platforms


Dressing for the festive season on social media can be as simple as adding an emoji to your Twitter handle, or even just changing your banner image! Whether your business is a shop or a venue, you can still show off your Christmas decorating skills! Put the spotlight on your in-office ornaments or grab some Santa hats and get your team to pose for a group photo, you just need to make sure everyone’s smiling!

If you want to get extra Christmassy, add a little Santa hat to your logo. This can be done quickly and easily using a website like Canva. Whatever you decide to do, we’re sure it’ll get your followers in the mood for the upcoming festivities.


Give Your Followers A Gift


There’s nothing better than giving someone a gift, so why not do just that for your followers this December? There are a number of options to choose from: one large draw with a main prize, a giveaway with different prize tiers or an ongoing competition with several small prizes over a number of days. The latter is perfect for a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ theme, of course, and instead of starting on Christmas Day, start on Monday the 13th and finish on Christmas Eve. How about that? 

You don’t necessarily need to sell products to do a giveaway either. You could offer a percentage off certain services, a free consultation or something just as valuable, it just depends on what your business has to offer.


Create A Gift Guide


Gift guides are absolute lifesavers for people who don’t know where to start. Finding several products in one place? And they’re all from your business? Perfect! 

With a gift guide, you can showcase some of the wonderful products you have to offer, whilst gently encouraging people to fill up their baskets. Gift guides can come in the form of blogs, Instagram posts or even videos, if you don’t mind getting in front of the camera. Don’t forget, if you offer a vast array of products or services, go for it and create a series! If you’re friends with other local business owners, it’d pay to team up. That way, everyone gets a bit of promo and hopefully some customers in return, it’s a win-win!


Make It Personal


We don’t mean take revenge on a shark or anything but sometimes, you’ve just gotta make things personal. Your engaging social media posts don’t have to be 100% business every single day, especially during the holiday season! 

Your followers will love seeing the people behind your business, so if you and your team are doing some Christmas crafts, yuletide baking or anything else festive, you should share it with the world. If you have a Christmas playlist on in your shop that you’re particularly enjoying, post the link and spread the Christmas cheer to all you hold dear.


Get In Touch 


Going forward, you don’t have to do all the work yourself, you know! Our team are for life (not just for Christmas) and we’re absolute pros when it comes to creating content. If you want to find out more about how we can help, get in touch today.

Visit our website to fill out a contact form or call us on 01926 814547 to chat with a member of our team. Alternatively, you can email us at info@trulycontent.com.

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