Having a loyal customer base and an active community is essential to business success in 2020. There are a plethora of platforms available to creatives, individuals and businesses and these have brought about new and innovative ways of engaging with your customers. Historically, the winner of the consumer market was the company or brand with the best product, however, times are changing – nowadays simply having a top-notch product, service or experience is not enough, instead, it is the way your customers interact with your business and brand that is most important.

Therefore, coming up with a top-quality product or service and creating an engaged community should go hand in hand, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. One channel that is effective in maintaining and building customer relationships is email. Despite being overshadowed by social media, email is still a relevant tool for businesses, and this is going to be the focus of today’s blog.

Why Email Marketing?

In the wake of everything going on with COVID-19, it is fair to say that 2020 has brought about some additional business challenges that most of us weren’t prepared for. One of these challenges is how to maintain communication when everything is becoming remote or contactless.

We believe email marketing is essential to a good marketing strategy, and vital in building strong customer relationships, especially if social distancing is going to be the new normal. If you are struggling to convince your team to adopt email marketing, then here are a few stats that may be helpful:

  • According to McKinsey, email is 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring customers.
  • Shoppers are reported to spend 138% more when marketed to via email offer, as per findings from Disruptive Advertising.
  • According to Forbes, brands that provide an outstanding customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than those who are falling behind.
  • Finally, Campaign Monitor states that email marketing has the single highest ROI of all digital channels, with an average of just below £30 for every £0.80 spent!

Creating An Enticing Email

Create Personalised Emails
Creating a personalised email is crucial in catching your consumer’s attention. This can be as simple as using fields to generate a bespoke subject line or having a customised name in the introductory greeting.

Putting together a detailed segmented list is an effective way of targeting your emails at a more specific audience and increasing your open rate in the process.

The following categories are examples of the different segments you could create:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Purchase History

The more information you can gather on your subscriber base the better – knowledge is power, after all!

Automate, Automate, Automate!
Personalisation may be important, but so is ensuring a quick and timely reply, something that is more crucial than ever in a world in which everything is instantaneous. Automated emails can play a key role here- by using the right software, you can automate emails for almost any action that has a trigger.

We’ve all been in the position where we have subscribed to a website, only to receive an email moments later – this is an example of effective email automation!

Measure All Your Metrics
The final pointer is probably the most important as, like anything in life, knowing when and how you are improving is invaluable. Marketing of every form is largely trial and error, this is partly why Silicon Valley tech start-ups started doing A/B testing and why so many people are now obsessed with data.

You should measure everything: your click-through rate, open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribers, subscribers, complaints, growth and anything else you can think of. If you don’t keep track of this data, then you have no way of knowing which strategies are working and which aren’t. For example, if you have a click-through rate of 5%, set yourself the target of hitting 7% – experiment with new things and see what your community and clients interact with most.

Here to Help!

We are never truly satisfied until we have made you shine online. If you are looking for help or advice on how to grow your community and digital presence, then look no further. From content creation to email marketing, we cover all bases and have just the right tools to help your brand go from boring to brilliant! To find out more, please get in touch with us at info@trulycontent.com or call 01926 814 547 today!