The world of digital marketing can be a funny one. There’s constant progression, new trends and styles, shifts in which social media platform is most popular and who is using them! But there are two methods that are consistently successful, using an e-shot or a newsletter. 


What’s An E-shot?


An e-shot is basically sending an email to your target audience. It’s nothing new or flashy, but it remains because it works. Bizarrely, some people don’t take up this easy, cost-effective and successful way to connect with potential customers.

One reason for this may be the worry that they’ll be spamming, which anyone who uses email (so the vast majority of us) know to be annoying. But you’ve just gotta find that balance – don’t send an e-shot every day, send a couple a month. It’ll keep you in your audience’s minds, but not make them want to immediately unsubscribe.

You can use these to advertise new products, deals, or just updates on your company – it’s always good to humanise your business, so you could even just talk about what your staff have been up to and then add a CTA at the end. Easy.

If you want us to write and manage your e-shot marketing we’ll give you reports on how they’re performing, so you can see exactly how successful they’ve been. Plus, if you’re an existing customer we’ve got a deal on at the moment – find out more below.


What’s A Newsletter?


Newsletters are a great way to share relevant/important/exciting info with your customers. They’re probably going to be quite a bit longer than an e-shot and cover what’s been happening in your company for the last month or so, rather than just what’s going on at the minute.

They work really well to get more traffic to your website – we’ll embed links so that readers can head straight over to what they’re interested in immediately. Making it quick and easy for consumers to access your products and/or services is so important. If they have to struggle through finding you/what they’re after they’ll lose interest and go somewhere else. Don’t lose money this way!

We’ve got a little treat for new clients if you wanna get some newsletters sorted, just read on…


E-shot & Newsletter Offers 

  • Existing customers – If you get in touch this month we’re doing a buy one get one free deal on our e-shots. Unless you’ve got loads going on with the company you’ll probably only need a couple a month. So an easy way to bring in business for almost no money!
  • New customers – If you’re new here, welcome, thanks for reading! If you want to attract new customers and keep old ones we’ll sort you out with a free quarterly newsletter when you get yourself a monthly email campaign retainer.

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To claim either of these offers just fill out one of our contact forms, give us a call on 01926 814547 or email

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