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Dr Firas Case Study

Dr Firas is our longest-standing client and we have worked alongside him for 6 years. Despite already being firmly established as a world-renowned Consultant Dermatologist and lecturer when we first met him, he had no distinguishable online presence and had failed to capitalise on his reputation in this ever-expanding market space. Web enquiries were few and far between, with an average of 1 a week doing very little to further his business aspirations.

Fast forward to 2021, and thanks to our help, Dr Firas’s fortunes have improved significantly. After enlisting our support in the writing and SEO of his website to support his commissioned development, he quickly began to climb to the top of Google’s search results, and currently ranks at number one for his chosen treatments within the London area. These include Subcision London (position one, page one), Best Rosacea Treatment London (position one, page one) and Laser Dermatologist London (position one, page one).

This is a marked improvement from where Dr Firas found himself when he came on board, struggling to make the search engine’s first eight pages and falling far behind his competitors. We have earned these high-ranking and competitive positions by implementing a thorough SEO strategy.

Even now, our SEO work ensures that Dr Firas receives up to 45 new patient enquiries EVERY DAY. His private clinics are always full and we continue to help him to convert these enquiries into solid patients.

When we first realised that the volume of these enquiries was becoming too much, we made the decision to bring his clinic management in-house, and are now delighted to offer him an all-encompassing 360 Marketing service – generating leads and turning these into paying customers. At present, we are very happy to say that we are consistently converting over 92% of patient enquiries.

This conversion rate has been bolstered by the introduction of an exclusive VIP service and the provision of comprehensive pre- and post-procedure information to all of his patients. These systems are fully overseen by Firas’s new private secretary, who we handpicked for the job. Dr Firas now goes the extra mile for his clients – and we’re proud to do the same.

Away from his website, we have also raised Dr Firas’s profile on other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, the latter of which now has well over 7,000 followers (up from a mere 280 in 2015). As is true of many of our clients, Dr Firas does still use these social media channels to post his own content, but it’s heartening to see how our input continues to influence his reach and engagement. Email marketing-wise, we’ve developed an extensive database of over 3,000 patients for Dr Firas, and send newsletters out to these individuals on a regular basis.

On a final note, Dr Firas was recently named Consultant Dermatologist of the Year (2019), and though this achievement is his, and his alone, we are honoured to have played a role in increasing awareness of his top-quality services.