The concept of blogging has actually been around since the mid-1990s. It started as a gateway for writers to publish their work online but today it has evolved for many different purposes. Nowadays there are thousands of different bloggers. The style of blogging can also vary from professional business blogs to personal blogging in a specific subject area.

Do you need a blog on your website?

One question that is often asked is do you need a blog on your website? Will it help my business grow? If you read our previous blog on our top 10 SEO tips, you may already be aware that the short answer is yes. For those that prefer more details on the benefits of having a blog on your site, here are our suggestions.

Improves Google Rankings (SEO)

As we touched upon in our previous blog post, blogging is one of the key features of SEO. One of Google’s recommendations when it comes to increasing your rank on search engines is to update your website with new content. This means that Google will have more keywords to index your site with. Having a blog makes adding content to your site more of a simple process as you can upload daily.

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Increases Inbound Link Profile(SEO)

Inbound links are another important factor when it comes to SEO, if not the most vital. Whilst you are creating high-quality content that is reaching a wide audience, other authors and professionals will begin to also link to your site. This may be because they are blogging a similar issue or just that they want to cite the information you have provided.

Gives your Site a Personal Touch

There is nothing worse than going on a website that reads like it’s written by a robot. It can make site visitors uninterested and increase the risk of a high bounce rate. Blogging is a great way to reach out to your audience, essentially humanising your brand or business. It opens many doors in terms of content and issues, the more relatable to your target audience the better.

Supports Social Media Avenues

Another element in improving your organic traffic is through social media. Social media outreach can be an excellent avenue to gain traffic and interest, especially if you are putting blog posts on there among other content. Blog articles can be posted on a variety of different forms of social media from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest.

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Blogs Can Answer FAQ

If you take this blog post, for example, it is educational and gives the reader facts about the benefits of adding a blog to your site. Blog articles have the capability to answer frequently asked questions about your business, perhaps the product you are selling or even the services that you can provide. This is valuable content that should be on your site so that visitors gain a thorough understanding of your brand and business.

What do you think? Do you need a blog on your website? The suggestions provided in this blog are only the start of many benefits your business can achieve when a blog is added to your website. The good thing about blogging is that you can customise it to fit yours and your businesses needs, building up a profile which will ultimately end in results. If you have any questions regarding blogging then don’t hesitate to contact our team who will be more than happy to help.

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