Using Facebook Ads Manager is the bane of a lot of our digital marketing lives, however, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so we might as well be good at it.  A good Facebook target audience can be hard to create from the get-go – it can be a long process of using Facebook’s pixel or client lists and integrating them with your website to nail down a decent audience. Read on below to discover how you can make this easier on yourself. 


Core Facebook Target Audiences


Core Audiences – This is when you define your target audience based on certain details about them, including: 


  1. Location – If your business is a small business with one remote store in Leamington it wouldn’t make sense to advertise to the entire country. Using the location to narrow down your target audience will help improve the performance of your ad. 
  2. Demographics – Being able to identify your audience through age, gender, education, job title etc. can show you who your real demographic is. You may find that you’ve been targeting the wrong audience! 
  3. Interests – This is helpful as you can find people that are interested in similar businesses to your own and target them. 


Custom Audiences


Custom Audiences – This is a feature that allows you to find existing audiences among people who are on Facebook and have shown an interest in your business by visiting your website or app. Essentially, you can create custom audiences from the people who already know your business. 


  1. Contact Lists – This is a collection of data from your email lists or your CRM system that helps target consumers you’ve already interacted with.
  2. App Users – If you have an app, you can pull data directly from it (as long as you have permission from the customer). This will also show you how well your app is performing when you run an ad. 
  3. Site Visitors – Setting up a Facebook pixel for your site means it’ll automatically create an audience for you from the people that visit your site. The fun part is that you can show targeted ads to customers that have previously viewed those items on your site! 

Lookalike Audiences


Lookalike Audiences – A lookalike audience seeks to reach people whose interests are similar to your existing audiences. 

This audience is definitely one of the easiest ones to use, as it’s simply a case of creating a source audience of people you know. Once you’ve done this, Facebook will target people with similar traits and interests and do all the hard work for you! Lookalike audiences are a quick and easy way to reach people that are likely to interact with and respond to your ads. 


Which Facebook Target Audience Is Best? 


We find when creating ads that the best type of audience to use is custom audiences. This is because a lot of our clients are looking for link clicks, landing page views and conversions. So, for us, using a Facebook pixel to create audiences from our clients’ website views works best as their goals are usually linked to their websites. 

However, this may not be the best option for everyone. The type of audience you choose will always depend on your goals and what you want to achieve through your ads. 


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