What is Strategic Content Marketing?

It’s important to identify a clear goal for your business from the outset. Are you seeking to inform, advise or persuade your target audience, for example? Once this is established, strategic content marketing can be used on to help you to achieve your goal online.

What is ‘content’?

Content covers a wide range of mediums, from in-depth editorial pieces or snappy and eye-catching blogs, to slick images, video posts, virtual tours or podcasts. The information on your website or social media platforms is targeted at your specified audience. Most importantly, it will be relevant and interesting material of a consistently high quality to inspire trust in your potential and existing clients. If what people view on your website is articulate and informative, you will grab and sustain attention; your audience will read (or watch) on, and from there you can build a business relationship.

It’s different from traditional marketing techniques

People are not fools. They know when they are being ‘sold’ to. Content marketing is not ‘selling’… it seeks to provide accurate and unbiased sources of information of interest to the reader. Quality and honesty are at the heart of successful content marketing, and that is what is rewarded by search engines. People are seeking information, not news about the business that you are trying to promote. Fresh, consistent ideas that are relevant to people seeking out information will increase traffic to your website. When people want to buy a pension, or a new car, or a holiday, the vast majority will turn to Google as an initial source of information. They are looking for information to inform the choices they will make. A successful content marketing campaign is driven by the fact that people seek it out. They want to read or to view the material rather than to avoid it, which is often the consequence of more traditional marketing techniques.

Offering solutions

Reading or viewing pertinent material can raise awareness of solutions that a potential customer needs. It can also lead them to considering a product or service that they may never have considered before. An added benefit is that if people like what they see, they will share it with other interested parties on social media platforms for example. This will also expand your exposure.

Strategic content marketing will add value to the information on your website and most companies aren’t doing this yet. In a highly competitive environment where people are subject to an ‘information overload’ online, an original and fresh approach will attract attention and interest; giving your service or product a fresh impetus in the marketplace.

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