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As a business, there’s nothing more important than getting your message out there for all to see. And, in the world of digital marketing, great content can often be the difference between success and failure. With the internet giving rise to many forms of marketing that are now of crucial importance to those looking to spread word of their services and products far and wide, potential revenue streams such as social media channels and blogs can be worth their weight in gold.

But it can be difficult to know where to start.

At Truly Content,

we’ve made it our business to get to grips with the ins and outs of digital content creation

in order to help our clients make the best of these extremely lucrative marketing channels. Want some tips for success? Here’s our pick of the best.

Plan, plan, plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”, or so said famous American thinker Benjamin Franklin. And, although this advice is centuries-old, it still holds up today. Planning is of particular importance when it comes to thinking about what sort of content you want to feature on your social media platforms and in your blog posts. By always striving to write and schedule your content ahead of time, you’ll give yourself the chance to really hone your messages and get the jump on the competition. A good way to do this is by creating content that ties in to important upcoming events – think Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Halloween – whilst still remaining relevant to your brand. This will give you the best chance of engaging with your customers and tapping into the most popular trends at every turn.

Focus on SEO

Although you can create great content that succeeds through its ability to trend and appear relevant in the eyes of your target audience, SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is something that must also be taken into account. On a basic level, SEO describes the process of integrating keywords/phrases into your blogs to help search engines to understand what these pieces of writing are about. These keywords/phrases can be more successful if they relate to what a web user would type into a search engine when searching for something in particular. For example, somebody on the lookout for “aesthetics treatments in London” would be very likely to input this exact phrase into Google.

Creating blogs around topics that have a certain topical relevance is also key here. What else improves your SEO? External links to your website, of course. Make sure you link back to your site when posting to your social accounts.

Remain engaged

A lot can be learned about how to succeed online by taking an active interest in how people use social media and the internet as a whole. Something key to remember when staying engaged with the digital world is to take note of anything that may require you to alter your content in order to stay relevant. In terms of forward planning, there’s no better example of this than the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. With people forced to reduce regular social contact and the world placed into temporary lockdown due to this major public health event, there’s little doubt that those with meticulously designed content schedules had to change this significantly or start over completely. Don’t be afraid to do this if necessary and really engage with what’s going on in the world. Failure to do so could be catastrophic.

Here to help

In terms of content creation, there’s really not a lot we don’t know about the ever-changing worlds of social media and blog writing. As one of Warwickshire’s most dedicated marketing companies, we’ve helped a number of brands and businesses from a variety of industries build their online profiles significantly and reach their digital marketing goals on a regular basis. In terms of social media and blog writing, we offer a series of content creation services to suit a range of budgets and requirements. Our Social Media Maximiser, a monthly presentation that describes how to use social media to its full potential, is also more popular than ever.

To find out more about these services and what we can do to help you succeed in content creation, email info@trulycontent.com or call 01926 814547 today.

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