Using social media to advertise your brand and connect with your customers is pretty much a necessity for a successful business. You can read our tips on how to do this effectively during the Christmas period by reading one of our most recent blogsHowever, social media is not the only way to spread the Christmas spirit and increase your revenue. There are many other Christmas marketing ideas that you can utilise…


Christmas Marketing


Christmas Marketing Ideas: Email Campaigns 


This may feel like an obvious start, but it’s worth it. Email campaigns have a wide reach and are cost-effective. We’re not going to say that you’ll get a result from everyone in your address book as it’s doubtful that all those you reach will read your email, BUT the cost/benefit analysis still skews in your favour. 

There are many ways to increase the chances of people opening and reading your emails. Firstly, you need a good subject line.

75% of consumers report searching their inbox for relevant discounts

– make this search easy for them by being concise and using keywords.

You could also include ‘holiday cards’ and wish prospective customers a Merry Christmas alongside a discount or incentive of some kind.


Website Makeovers


A festive look for your website is friendly, inviting and an interesting change for your repeat customers. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the perfect way to humanise your business, add some levity and encourage that holiday spending! 

If you are running a Christmas campaign of any kind, we would also suggest creating a landing page. This allows you to easily monitor the traffic that is brought in. If you are running a number of Christmas promotions, landing pages will enable you to compare the success of them separately. You can then decide where it is best to invest any ad money.

As well as being helpful for you, a landing page means easy navigation for your customers. With so many companies holding Christmas campaigns, it is important to ensure that once you have piqued an individual’s interest, you make it as quick and easy as possible to turn this into a sale! A web usability report from KoMarketing found that 37% of those surveyed would leave a site completely if page navigation was difficult. It’s also worth bearing in mind that 66% will leave if your website loading speed is slow. These are both things that Truly Content can optimise for you!


Update Product Descriptions 


This is an easy one – put a Christmassy spin on your product descriptions. Making things more festive is a nice, lighthearted way to add a bit of fun to your business. Be sure to include a few slightly silly descriptions, or a pun or two.


Give A Little Treat


Ahead of Christmas, consumers are looking to spend, but are still wanting to be savvy about it. Offering a little treat is an easy way to set yourself apart from the competition. You can do this by offering free shipping. It’s the little things… 


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