Charity marketing allows you to broaden your perspective, using your resources to make a real contribution to human life. In addition, it grows engagement with your business and builds brand awareness, so by partnering with a charity and aiding them in their marketing effort, everybody wins!


How Does Charity Marketing Promote My Business?


With smaller businesses, charity marketing offers the chance to make yourself known to a new audience. Their interest in the nonprofit gives you a sneak peek into what is important to them – are they animal lovers? Are they passionate about a certain part of the world? How does that best relate to your business, your ethics or your employees?


as you publicly associate with this charity, you alter your brand reputation, as the charity you choose says something about your priorities.

For example, Sainsbury’s have been partnered with Comic Relief for over 20 years, during which time red noses have become an annual occurrence in their nationwide stores. They’ve become known for their affiliation with this organisation dedicated to fighting injustice and inequality through entertainment. What could define your business values?




If there’s one thing a business is likely to have that a nonprofit organisation does not, it’s some money. If you are a smaller company with less to spare, fear not – larger firms can give large amounts, siphon off sales or offer to match donations, but there are many other ways a smaller venture can help fundraise via charity marketing. 

Try hosting some events, for example, a coffee morning, sports day or bake sale, with proceeds going to your chosen charity. You can publicise the event by inviting a local newspaper to cover the event and stress the importance of the work you are supporting, perhaps even using the newspaper to launch a wider fundraising campaign. Get your colleagues to post on their stories or on their timelines. However much you have at your disposal, you can contribute to charity marketing in your own innovative way. 


Raising Awareness For Your Nonprofit


We mentioned social media briefly, but it really is an excellent opportunity to display your partnership to the world! 

If you have a social media presence, use it! A very simple way to do charity marketing is to share, engage and comment on each other’s content, increasing your visibility. This rapport will serve you well, with a whole new audience accessing your content and witnessing your dedication to a cause. 

Awareness days are great occasions to slip some charity marketing into your long-term social strategy! For example, Volunteers Week takes place during the first week of June, a wonderful time to share videos of volunteering efforts. Vary your content with something to make the average scroller sit up, learn something and reconsider their relationship with your brand!


Revolutionising Your Digital Strategy For Charity Marketing


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