At Truly Content, we pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce for our clients and have spent the last 6 years establishing ourselves as the go-to digital marketing agency for businesses of all shapes, sizes and specialisms. 

But what would we be without our fantastic team? 

It’s these people – all highly skilled and extremely talented individuals – that keep everything ticking over to make sure that the content we create for you, our clients, is never anything less than perfect. And it’s this culture of excellence that forms the basis of this blog – how creating a positive and creative working environment can help your team bond and grow. We wanted to take a closer look at what a few staff members, in particular, have done to go the extra mile over the last few weeks. 


Taking the initiative

Three members of our hard-working tech and design team, Website Developer Aaron, Junior Content Producer Tom and Digital Apprentice Smithy, recently took it upon themselves to spend some time after work each day helping each other to learn new skills, improve on their existing knowledge and put together a hugely impressive project to benefit both our staff and our clients, completely from scratch and with no instruction!

Inspired by a desire to create something unique and push themselves to dizzying new heights of achievement, this fantastic trio chose to complete this project of their own accord and it’s lovely to see what these tremendously talented people have come up with, in such a short space of time. Well done, guys – you should all be very proud of yourselves!


A positive working environment

Those of you who are familiar with Truly will know that we are a close-knit team who have continued to grow despite operating in such a competitive industry and we believe that this is due to, in part, to our creative and positive working environment. 

We truly do believe that creating a space for staff to be creative increases productivity and enjoyment all round. We currently run a creative hour once a month to allow our staff to learn from each other about every aspect of the business, from content writing to SEO, right up to graphic design. For example, we had each member of staff design their own poster for by their desk – this encouraged them to ask each other questions or for advice on how to bring their poster to life and get to know each other that little bit more while doing so. 

Afternoons like this are what makes Truly a unique place of work, always allowing for our staff to learn new things and discover areas of the business they have an interest in and the work of these three office heroes is proof enough that allowing your team to grow together is beneficial for everyone.

As a bonus, these three also made Truly history by each being the first to be crowned a joint winner of September’s Employee of the Month – proof that hard work really does pay off!


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