Likes. Your latest post had a lovely 35 on Instagram – your holiday skin was glowing, and that sunset was enviable. You got a little warm, fuzzy hug of online gratification as the notifications lit up your phone. Happy. Content. Popular.


Keeping It Real

But are you really content with your content? As you look back on those little double-taps of approval, it’s irked by a cloud of irritation. Your friend’s brother’s cousin got over 600 Likes for showing off her – let’s say, ‘unusual’ – new haircut, while the countless dog profiles you follow amass thousands of Likes per image. Before long, someone else will post an equally appealing sunset selfie, and it will doubtless generate interest… Just as your original, whimsical memory falls down the rungs of the world’s online feed.

Leaving your business’s success down to happy-accidents will never fly, and you know that. You work hard everyday to nurture your brand – you’ve poured your heart into developing your idea into a reality; you’re up at midnight providing last-minute customer service; and you never miss a supplier’s delivery. It’s a shame really, that you don’t have the time to put this much effort into your business’s social media presence. Very few potential clients actually see all the behind the scenes work you do. You’re under-appreciated! After all: if those extra hours you clocked-in last Friday aren’t on Facebook, did they even happen?

Expanding Your Company

Social media strategy for your business is a vital part of expanding your company’s growth. Properly planned and effectively executed posts can not only let new clients find you, but they can increase your customer base and web traffic; raise awareness of your brand and excellent company (even if you do say so yourself); and – even better – create positive brand association. Hooray, we hear you cry! What your business posts on social media says so much more about your company than you ever thought possible. Selene with the new hair won’t know what hit her, except that she’s desperate to buy everything you’re stocking. Who would blame her? With well-timed, perfectly captured, and expertly captioned imagery, she’s not the only one. The world’s Instagram feeds are filling up with your photos, your business, and your ideas. And they look marvellous.

Get In touch

Please get in touch today, to discuss your business’s specific social media needs. Just like every adorable Insta-puppy, all businesses are different – they need specific routines, and will always benefit from some well-deserved TLC. We want to take care of your baby like it’s our own. All that’s left is for you to walk the dog, and smell the flowers.
(And bask in those new-found Likes. Take that Selene.)