Retaining customers and creating a loyal client base is far easier said than done. It’s not just about low, competitive prices, but unrivalled, high quality customer service, which is arguably just as important. A relationship that has been built between you and your customer over a number of years can be completely shattered in a matter of minutes, as just one negative experience can leave enough of a bad taste in their mouth that they’d then look elsewhere to fulfill their needs.

Customer Satisfaction = Client Loyalty

In fact, one bad customer service experience is enough to make more than 4 in 5 customers switch brands. Every customer interaction with your brand needs to be a 5-star, attentive experience, maximising customer satisfaction and consequently maintaining loyalty. The way in which we now communicate with our customers is changing with the rise in social media and online services as opposed to just telephone-based communication. It’s important to find the best ways to communicate with your customers through the platforms they prefer.

Customer loyalty should be rewarded, making them feel valued and as though they benefit from maintaining a relationship with your brand. Keep your prices as low and as steady as you possibly can, rewarding long-term customers with exclusive discounts and special offers when they renew a contract or through a simple loyalty purchase scheme.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

It’s also crucial to implement a damage control strategy should a detrimental incident occur. Rumours and gossip spread like wildfire, particularly when a customer has a bad experience during an era where everything is shared online via social media. A bad review on Trip Advisor or an angry string of tweets is enough to impact customer loyalty in an almost domino effect. Opinions really do matter when it comes to business, which is why your team need to know exactly how to handle complaints when they come in. Do everything you can to solve any problems as quickly and as efficiently as you can, apologising where necessary and keeping a calm, polite manner.

According to statistics, 44% of customers don’t intend to jump ship from brand to brand in the upcoming year, but often end up doing so anyway simply because of one bad experience. 82% of customers switched at least one brand in the past 5 years. When asked their main reasons for switching, many complained about rising prices, failures and errors, and a lack of reward schemes for loyal customers. Switching brands can often be somewhat of a nuisance, and no customer wants to have to, nor should they need to if the service or the products you offer are the best they possibly can be each and every time. Consistency leads to longevity!

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