Did you know that internet users worldwide spend an average of 144 minutes per day on social media? If that sounds crazy to you then you won’t believe what’s coming next. In 2020, an estimated 3.6 billion people used social media worldwide. So… even if only half of these people use social media every day, we still spend a staggering 8,640,000,000 (8 and a half billion) hours a day as a species engaging with, posting on and browsing our favourite platforms.

Creating a truly exceptional online strategy is, therefore, more important than ever – after all, you have 8 and a half billion hours worth of engagement to tap into. At Truly, we specialise in devising superb strategies and creating charming content – ensuring that as many people as possible engage with your brand and business. Let us help you fulfil your potential and shine online – read on to learn what goes into a Truly brilliant marketing campaign. 


Create Charming Content

Content writing is more than creating engaging copy, it is handpicking interesting and engaging topics that are relevant to both the time you are posting and the audience you are connecting with! Having an up-to-date content schedule is a must for growing your social media presence and audience – make sure you have content planned in advance and use popular content management tools like Buffer to ensure your steady stream of content can flow without any hiccups. 

Overall, whether you are trying to reach out to new audiences, write educational content or sell a product, content and copy are invaluable weapons in your marketing arsenal, when utilised correctly that is! So get planning and drafting, and think about how you can use your content to help your customers and readers make more informed online decisions – or in other words, buy your service or product! 


Become Bloggy Brilliant

Blogging as a platform and means of communication is often overlooked, viewed as a time-consuming commitment that gives very little in terms of reward. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth – if your website is the heart of your business, then your blog is the blood that keeps it pumping. It is what draws new users to your site, and can be an invaluable trove of information. You just need to put the work in.

The importance of blogs is directly linked to a little something called keywords. Keywords are the secret ingredient in a marketing strategy and will allow you to rank higher in Google search results.

15% of all searches made on Google every day are new

– therefore there are always new queries to question or keywords to engage with. 

Quality, authentic content with good keywords can be the key to increased page views. 


Superb SEO  

The world of SEO can be a confusing one, however, it is worth persevering with – like most things in life, the more work you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. 

Before you can start improving your SEO, you need to understand what content people are and aren’t searching for online. Once you know what people are looking for this week, month, or in a certain location, you can then start to tailor your content to match the words – or keywords – that they are searching for. Start including these phrases in your blog posts, or within your website copy and watch as you slowly start to climb the SEO ranks. 

We don’t scroll past the first page of Google, and we doubt you do too, so getting your business or page to that number 1 spot is crucial for increasing the amount of organic traffic you get! 


Foster a Following 

There is no shortcut or secret to growing an online following, much like SEO, it takes hard work and dedication. However, we do have a few tips to help you on your way. 

Consistency is key, not just in social media but in everything you do! Ensure your style and tone ring true in every piece of content you create. Furthermore, make sure the message you are trying to communicate is appropriate to the platform you are posting on – you’re going to struggle with writing long-form content on Twitter, much like you’ll struggle with getting growth by posting 280-character content on LinkedIn. 

Another key pointer – engage with your following and community. Follow influencers who engage with your topic and become a voice of authority in the sector. Respond to your followers and answer their questions and queries. Your followers want to communicate with you, a brand with personality, not a business corporation regurgitating the same old memo. Be creative and have some flair, the rest will follow (get it)!

If you want some extra help you should check out our Instant Instagram Growth service. By using this, we guarantee that your business’s Instagram account will gain at least 250 new followers every month. 


Contact Us

While you have the time, why not reflect and see how you can upgrade your marketing strategy? You never know, you might get a few new leads in the process! However, if you feel like your time is better spent elsewhere, then guess what? Creating a fully-fledged marketing strategy is what we do best – so let us take your digital presence from zero to hero. From SEO to branding, there isn’t much we can’t do. Check out our full list of services here and see how we can help you hit your marketing goals!

To find out how we can make you shine online, email info@trulycontent.com or call 01926 814 547 today.


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