Have you been keeping up with our hints and tips? We’re giving you some fantastic insights into the world of digital marketing, with helpful information that you can actually put to use yourself! Oh! And because we’re really nice, we’re offering this advice totally free of charge. In this blog, we’re going to look at branding and why it’s important and then we’ll sort you out with a new hot tip from our Head of Design, the wonderful Dave!

Why Is Branding Important?

When you’re setting up a business there are a lot of things to think about, but we would strongly advise that branding is near the top of your list.

Having a defined brand does so much good for your company, and getting it sorted from day one means you’re not going to end up just having to go back and change everything later!

So, why is it so important…?

Recognition – Consumers will recognise your brand in any medium, which makes advertising much easier and more effective. They’ll be able to easily differentiate you from your competitors, helping them to keep coming back!

Credibility – You want your customers to trust you, and having an established brand can help them to do so. It shows that your company is legitimate and that you want people to know and remember you and your products/services.

Lower Price Sensitivity – Price sensitivity describes how heavily the cost of your product weighs on your target market’s willingness to buy it. You want this to be as low as possible so that when you introduce a new product you know they’ll be willing to pay the asking price (within reason). Think of Apple, when they announce they’re dropping something new tens of thousands of loyal customers are ready and waiting to make a purchase before they even think of the cost!

Show your values – You can use your branding to share your values, 90% of Brits are loyal to brands that share the same values as them.

Attract talent – A strong brand will attract talent to your business, which means you can have your pick of potential employees! What’s more, when your employees identify with your brand and feel like they’re really part of the team, they’ll be happier at work, which will result in increased productivity.

Now you know why it’s important, let’s get to the advice…

Choosing Your Colour Scheme

Dave reckons that it’s very easy to make mistakes with your colour scheme and you’ll end up paying for it later (literally). One of the most common errors is choosing your palette from the RGB (red, blue and green) colour range instead of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key, or black to most of us).

The problem with the RGB colour range is that whilst it looks good onscreen, it really doesn’t print well. If you’re printing this range, you can expect much duller colours and changes in hues. This is a nightmare for branding because consistency is so important!

The CMYK colour range is made to both print well and look good on screen, so you should choose this if there’s any chance you’re going to want anything printed. Dave says that you should choose your colours using CMYK swatches so you know exactly what any leaflets/posters/brochures are going to look like. Head to our YouTube channel where you can watch Dave explain everything in more detail.

There’s also the option of Pantone, which gives an even more extensive, printable range, but this is more expensive because it’s so specialised. It can be workable, but in most instances, we’d say it’s not going to be worth the money. We’ll tell you more about Pantone in a future blog.

Let Us Help With Your Branding

Thanks to Dave’s advice you can hopefully avoid getting yourself into a very sticky (and costly) situation. Choosing the wrong colour can mean reprinting and rebranding, so a whole lot of work and money could have been easily avoided. Learn more about how we help to create your brand here.

It’s risks like this that show you why coming to a marketing company like Truly Content is a great idea. We can guide you through everything and sort you out with a strong brand that brings you all those positives we talked about earlier.

Are you ready to get going? Then call us on 01926 814547 or fill out this short contact form.

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